What is EBITDA?

A commonly used valuation method in the business world is EBITDA, which involves multiplying a company’s Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation, and Amortization (EBITDA) by a certain multiple to determine its overall value. This method is particularly useful for valuing companies with significant depreciation and amortization expenses, as it provides a more accurate representation of their true profitability.

There are many different EBITDA multiples that can be used to value a company, with 1x, 6x, and 12x being common benchmarks. A 1x multiple would imply that a company’s value is equal to its EBITDA, while a 6x or 12x multiple would suggest that the company is worth six or twelve times its EBITDA, respectively.

To increase a company’s EBITDA multiple, it’s essential to focus on the key drivers of profitability. This is where the E-Myth, O-Myth, and A-Myth come into play.

The E-Myth refers to the idea of working “in” the business, where the owner is responsible for day-to-day operations and tasks. The O-Myth involves working “on” the business, where the owner takes a more strategic approach and focuses on developing systems and processes to increase efficiency and profitability. Finally, the A-Myth involves working “above” the business, where the owner focuses on high-level strategy and long-term growth.

For example...

Let’s say a company currently has an EBITDA of $1 million and is valued at 6x EBITDA, or $6 million. By implementing new systems and processes that improve efficiency and profitability, the company may be able to increase its EBITDA to $2 million. If the company is then valued at 12x EBITDA, it would be worth $24 million, a four-fold increase from its original value.

In summary, EBITDA is an important valuation method for businesses, and increasing this multiple requires a focus on the O-Myth and A-Myth. By developing systems and processes that increase efficiency and profitability and investing in long-term growth strategies, companies can increase their EBITDA and overall value, potentially by multiples of 1x to 20x or more.

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